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Thin Hair Hairstyles

The key to walking out of the salon looking amazing? Walking into the salon knowing what you want. Check out our list of things to think about before your next visit to the hair dresser.

The Classic Bob – A good old bob looks great on those with shorter hair. If you’re not convinced about a straight bob, try an asymmetrical one, which will pull attention to the ends of your hair rather than the roots, where there might be a lack of volume. Part the hair to one side for an added boost!

The Jagged Part – A rough, jagged part can inject some serious volume into your look right away. Talk to your hair stylist about a layered cut which will complement this shaggy, rock-star part.

The Half Up-Do – A half up-do offers real potential for volume for those who also want to keep the length of their hair relatively long. A little gentle backcombing and an intricate style can give you a boost at your roots. Leave the rest of your hair down for a classic day-to-night look.


Talking to your stylist

Hair dressers have heard it all, so it’s almost certain you won’t be the first client to bring up thinning hair. They’re sure to have a range of tips and tricks to help your hair look thicker and fuller. Of course, you know your hair better than anyone, and you also know how much time you’re willing to spend on styling it each day. Think about the following questions before your next salon visit:

What’s your hair like when you wash it and just let it dry – straight, wavy, curly? Do you want to work with your natural hair type, or do you want to achieve a different look? For example, are you a curly girl who wants to go straight?

Are you open to playing around with a new colour or highlights? Can you commit to the upkeep?

What length are you comfortable with? Thinning hair often benefits from being shorter than shoulder length, but that might be too big of a change to make all at once if you wear your hair long.

How many styling products and techniques are you willing to spend time with each day? If you’re more of a wash-and-go kind of gal, you’ll want to avoid a style that takes time to create.

Remember, your hair stylist wants you to be happy, to look great, and feel beautiful. But they can’t read your mind, so be open and honest about what you’re feeling, and they’ll help you achieve your fullest look.


Try a pop of colour

When it comes to giving your thinning hair a boost, a little colour can go a long way. Not only can colour and highlights help to plump up strands, they can also help create the illusion of depth. Check our list of colour tips below to help guide your conversation with your hair dresser.

Just say yes to colour. Whether it’s an overall change or just the addition of highlights, colour techniques can help make your hair look fuller, thicker, and more voluminous.

DO experiment with colour and highlights. Colour will temporarily expand the shaft and make it thicker.

DO opt for highlights or lowlights around the face to give the hair some dimension and warm up your overall look. If you have a cool skin tone, opt for ashy colours, and if your skin has a naturally warmer tone, opt for gold shades to warm the face.

DO stay away from ombré tones. The dark hair on top and light tips on the bottom will accentuate any thinning around the crown.

DON’T go too dark if you’re trying out hair colour. Going too dark can emphasise the contrast between the scalp and the hair if your skin is lighter than your hair. Instead, a lighter shade could actually make hair appear thicker, so it’s best to go a few shades lighter.

DON’T go crazy with the bleach, however. A white blonde (if it isn’t your natural colour) can easily be too harsh and cause hair to become dry and brittle. Women experiencing hair loss often have enough to deal with without worrying about breakage too!