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Vitamin Deficiency

REGAINE® should only be used for the treatment of hereditary hair loss. Do not use REGAINE® to treat hair loss that has been caused purely by vitamin deficiencies. Remember to always seek advice from a healthcare professional first, before treating any hair loss.


Vitamin Deficiency

Is vitamin deficiency causing my hair loss?

Vitamin deficiencies can manifest in a multitude of physical and mental symptoms. Vitamins help to support many of the body’s internal processes, and if you’re not getting full dosages of key vitamins and minerals, you could end up compromising your health in general.

The food that we eat and the vitamins we consume directly affect not just hair health, but things like our skin and our weight.  If you’re not getting enough vitamins to feed and nourish your body properly, it can affect your physical appearance – your skin may become sallow, you might notice your fingernails break more easily, and your hair may become dry and brittle.


Can vitamins help fight hereditary hair loss?

Certain vitamins have been labelled as helpful to those suffering from hereditary hair loss– but unfortunately, there is a real lack of strong scientific evidence to conclusively suggest a link between vitamin intake and hair regrowth.

Many vitamins and minerals have been touted as a solution to those suffering from thinning or shedding hair – and while there’s lots of anecdotal evidence floating around on the internet, there are currently no concrete scientific studies that can back up these claims.

However, even if vitamins have not been definitively proven to stimulate hair regrowth, they still offer up a multitude of health benefits – from protecting the immune system to boosting circulation and increasing energy levels. A healthy body with no vitamin deficiencies will be far better place to regrow hair than a body that is not receiving the nourishment it needs to repair and rejuvenate.

Put simply – increasing vitamin intake might not have a direct effect on your hereditary hair loss, but it won’t hurt your overall health, as long as you remain within the recommended daily intake for each vitamin. If you’re thinking of supplementing your diet with vitamins to benefit your overall health, always speak to a medical professional first.

Ultimately, when it comes to hereditary hair loss, the best solution is to seek a professional’s opinion, and use scientifically tested products that are proven to be effective in preventing hair shedding and stimulating new hair growth.